Disc Wheel Construction


Momin, one of our first-year members, prepares the carbon fabric panels for the disc wheels.

Momin preparing the carbon fabric panels for the disc wheels.

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Two of the most demanding structures on Eta Prime are the wheels. Beyond just holding the weight of the rider, the wheels have to withstand impact loading from bumps, pressure loads from the highly-inflated tires, braking and acceleration torques, and immense side loads from the occasional crosswind gust. Add to that list the requirements of a smooth aerodynamic surface and tight tolerances to fit alongside everything else in the vehicle, and you have a very challenging design problem.

Evan lays epoxied carbon fabric panels into the disc face mold.

To meet this challenge, we’re building an advanced composite disc wheel. The discs for the wheels are made with TeXtreme® spread tow fabric to achieve the best strength- and stiffness-to-weight, with local reinforcements of TeXtreme® fabric and unidirectional carbon fibre for improved stiffness and durability. These materials are molded together with a structural foam core to produce a stiff and light disc wheel. It’s a time-consuming process to prep the materials and mold, but this is what it takes to compete with the fastest teams in the world.


Rohacell® core panels for the disc wheels are shaped on our in-house CNC router to ensure the discs are as flat as possible.

Disc wheel components ready for assembly.

Disc wheel components ready for assembly.

The rims have just arrived from Velocity USA, and our Mechanical Design Group has nearly finished constructing the hubs. Check back soon to see the next steps of our wheel construction process!

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