A (rather watery) Weekend at Waterford

This past weekend was the 31st Annual Michigan HPV Rally at the Waterford Hills Sports Car Racing Track in Clarkston, Michigan. And of course, the HPVDT was there, amongst ~35 other new and old faces in the HPV community.

We had a smaller turn out this year than we normally did, but that also means those who came got more time on our vehicles.

This year, we have Bruce, Evan, Sherry, Alan and Calvin:

Bruce, Evan, Sherry, Alan and Calvin at the Waterford tracks. Photo by Prof. Jun Nogami (https://jnyyz.wordpress.com)

Photo by Prof. Jun Nogami (https://jnyyz.wordpress.com)

Packing in the rain on Friday evening:

We got to the Waterford Hills Road Racing Tracks around midnight. We had a lot of interesting looks on the road…

Rider’s meeting, bright and early on Saturday morning.


Thankfully, it stayed dry for the most part on Saturday.

Calvin gets ready for the first event – the One-Hour Time Trial – in Vortex.


Here are some of the participants in the One-Hour Time Trial for the Streamliner class:

Our pit crew (you can always trust Bruce to be the goofy one):

Evan and Bruce line up for the One-Hour Time Trial for stock, junior, women and tandem classes:

Some of the other racers:

Don’t underestimate the juniors! They are small but mighty riders!

Alan tries out Vortex for the first time. He’s a natural!


Admiring some of the other streamliners:

Dinner time! On the menu we have pasta and Calvin’s special treat: baguettes dipped in gourmet olive oil.

Saturday turned out to be quite productive. Every rider got a chance to race and time to practice.

Unfortunately, Sunday turned out to be very rainy. The organizers decided that it was too wet to ride, and cancelled all of Sunday’s events. This is the first time that this has happened in the 31 years this event has been running.


Photo by Prof. Jun Nogami (https://jnyyz.wordpress.com)

The award ceremony. Calvin got 2nd place in his One-Hour Time Trial in Vortex.


Photo by Prof. Jun Nogami (https://jnyyz.wordpress.com)

After that, we packed up early and went home.


Photo by Prof. Jun Nogami (https://jnyyz.wordpress.com)

Despite the smaller than usual turn out and the rain, this was still a fun weekend for those who came. We got some quality practice time in our vehicles, and exposure to the other members of the HPV community. Thank you to all the organizers and the HPVA for hosting. We hope to see you all again soon at the Northbrook/Kenosha Races!

Full size photos: http://hpvdt.skule.ca/waterford.html

HPVA’s website: http://www.recumbents.com/home/

Prof. Nogami’s blog: https://jnyyz.wordpress.com/

PS. Photos from the ASME HPVC are also up: http://hpvdt.skule.ca/asme.html

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