Aerodynamic Fairing Molds

Speedbikes go fast for a variety of reasons, but the most important aspect of a speedbike’s performance is aerodynamic drag. That’s why the fairing is so critical; the air must flow smoothly¬†around the bike to minimize drag. It’s a delicate balance between a variety of competing factors, but – thanks to our partner team AeroVelo – we’ve got the best design there is.

One half of the fairing mold set.

One half of the buying cialis without a prescription Eta fairing mold set.

Todd Reichert and Trefor Evans spent much of 2014 trying to create the best possible aerodynamic shape. They found an optimal balance of vehicle geometry and rider ergonomics that allowed an awesome fairing to exist around the vehicle while still allowing the rider to be comfortable and efficient. Their design is quite literally a work of art. We’re using the same fairing shape for two reasons. First, we don’t have the time and personnel this summer to re-optimize the fairing for a slight improvement. Second, there’s not much to be gained for a team that operates like HPVDT; the fairing fits (or can be readily made to fit) a variety of our riders, and most of what could be improved would detract from this. It’s important to us that everyone on the team eventually has the opportunity to ride the vehicles we produce.

Another advantage of keeping the same shape is that the mold set¬†(also called tooling within the composites industry) for the fairing has already been made. This saves us a huge amount of time, effort, and materials. We’ve just brought in the molds from AeroVelo’s storage facility. Check back soon to see how we’re preparing materials to build the fairing!

Calvin Moes, HPVDT Captain

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