HPVDT is dedicated to learning, creating, and teaching engineering principles through projects that push the boundaries of efficiency in transportation. Our resources required to operate as well as building materials have come from 25+ industry partners and personal donations. If your organization believes in our mission, you too can contribute to developing the engineers of tomorrow and advancing sustainable transportation.

Aerovelo, a company founded by and largely composed of HPVDT alumni, has been our partner team through the development of the Eta Prime speedbike. This project was only possible using Aerovelo’s Eta speedbike design as a starting point. Aerovelo further enabled the success of our team by generously assisting HPVDT with the purchase of a CNC carving machine in 2014. This advanced tool forms the core of our mold-making workflow, and we could never have purchased it without Aerovelo. Beyond their extensive tangible contributions, Aerovelo has inspired every member of our team with their top-notch engineering and spectacular human-powered accomplishments.

Advanced engineering projects require accurate simulation to evaluate design choices before manufacturing. Since 2016, Altair has provided our team with top-of-the line simulation and optimization software that we’ve used to improve our aerodynamic designs and composite structures. Their support has allowed us to perform faster and more detailed simulations than ever before, as well as to optimize our designs in ways that would be impractical to attempt manually.

Pratt & Whitney Canada, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies, has generously helped to fund the team’s operations since our very first project. Their support has improved the education of many engineers and researchers in aerospace applications. The contributions of P&WC are primarily used to purchase materials and components.

The University of Toronto Engineering Society (EngSoc) is the student union of all engineering students at U of T. EngSoc, through its subsidiary the Design Team Association (DTA), manages and allocates the team's workspaces at 256 McCaul and MCEIE, and provides an annual tuition levy that comprises a large portion of team funding.

Since 2018, ANSYS has provided our team with simulation software used to optimize vehicels like Zephyr, and the fastest tandem bike in the world, Titan. We use ANSYS for projects that require advanced CFD.

Barrday has donated carbon fiber and Kevlar that we use in the construction of our vehicles.

Composites Canada assists our team with discounted supplies and materials, while also providing invaluable advice on the manufacturing techniques we use.

Cervelo supplied a variety of high quality bicycle components for use on Zephyr and the 2020 ASME project

EMWorks provided electromagnetic simulation software used in the design of the Axios submarine.

We receive funding on an annual basis from the university’s Engineering Alumni Association.

The Division of Engineering Science has generously funded our team every year since 2010.

KHK provided high-quality gears for two of our current projects.

MSE is our host department, providing funding, testing facility access, and other assistance since the team’s inception.

Plasterform has donated large-format CNC machining services for several of our projects, including Bluenose, Valkyrie, and Eta Prime.

PMG Technologies allowed HPVDT to use their largest test track for the initial roadworthiness tests of our Eta Prime speedbike.

Siemens provides us with fiberglass off-cuts from their wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in Tillsonburg, Ontario, which is used for manufacturing our molds and heavier components.

Solidworks annually provides our team with design software licenses; we use SolidWorks for the majority of our CAD models.

TeXtreme fabric has been generously provided by Oxeon AB for our Viteza, Cyclone, and Eta Prime vehicle projects.

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